Why Is Houston Movers Considered Underrated?

settles to a stop yards from the barn nearby sits norms landmark home completing his own collection of Colorado history it’s a big relief to have this over sometimes you just got to push until there’s no pushing anymore and we push to that point and we didn’t have to stop we got all the way as the Colorado move finishes a thousand miles away in Blooming ton Illinois.

work is about to begin on this Queen Anne Victorian mansion we’re gonna put some dollies and stuff on it start loading our dollies ken Melania and his crew of Bologna house-moving have been hired for the job this compound of work sheds timber and steel is the home base they call Annabella Villa this is blond evil this is mainly just been our yard so my dad was here then it’s my aunt Jean and Charles a junior lives here and it’s my hand be just blonde you bill for here for about two miles.


ken is a third generation house mover a trade passed down from his grandfather I took it over in about my dad said hey you either jump in and run this thing or we’re gonna get out of business starting well let’s give it a whirl ken runs the business under the watchful eye of his father Fred I’m very proud what he had learned from the game and now he’s teaching me Ken’s crew also includes his uncle Chuck cousin Frank second cousin Josh and best friend Bruce the Bologna have one week to move this mansion five blocks through the city of Blooming ton the most elaborate style of the Victorian.

Queen Anne homes are becoming extremely rare built in for local entrepreneur and philanthropist Oscar Mandel the home was the work of renowned American architect George Miller it’s among the one top % of houses ever built in our community it represents the finest kind of craftsmanship and this is a very well preserved example of his work the church next door has purchased the property on which the house sits in order to construct a new annex to prevent the destruction of this important part of their heritage the community has raised the money to move the house into the.

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