Understand The Background Of Tucson Ac Repair Now

Bringing down your valve and as soon as our Schroeder valve opens and if we have any refrigerant in the system we should get a reading and you can see we got about an psi or so of pressure on our high pressure side where is the next we’ll do the same thing on our low pressure set and you should have more or less the same pressure on the low pressure side with your engine off and if you compass the clutch not engaged obviously as you can see we got about the exact amount of pressure.

on both sides you had eighty Tucson AZ air conditioning psi here and eighty psi here as well and that’s called your static pressure and that’s exactly what you want to see you want to see the same pressure on both sides when the compressor is not working as far as why that is so let’s go over quickly apply an AC system works on your car we will start at your any moisture in the refrigerant but more importantly is to capture any refrigerant that’s in the liquid form so it doesn’t pass on from here into your compressor because if that happens the liquid refrigerant can damage your AC compressor so when the AC compressor is working.

you’re going to have a lot of pressure on your high pressure side which is in a red here and when it passes your first to poor expansion valve it goes to the low pressure side which is in blue here and the reason why you want to see you call numbers when the compressor is not engaged is obviously when the compressor is not engaged refrigerant starts leaking back from the high pressure side into the low pressure side and being equal on both sides and that’s if you have a working AC system or let’s say if you have a clogged orifice tube cycle allow for the refrigerant past from the high pressure.

side to the low pressure side and therefore you’re going to have different numbers for the poor each side all right so next we’re gonna get our car start our engine and turn our AC and see whether is the compressor clutch engages or not now since I’ve enough pressure in our low side our AC compressor clutch should engage if the electrical circuit is working properly and if you’re wondering pretty much anything past or psi.

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