Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Vasectomy Reversal

The inner canal is somewhat more difficult because the inner canal where the sperm is transporting through is very tiny nonetheless you can imagine that if it were simply a matter of the vast being blocked it should not involve anything more than micro surgical technique in relatively short order to reconnect the vase the problem is that most situations the vs defer ens being blocked.

Has caused a pressure buildup going all the way back to the more delicate duct which we call the epidermis the dusted conveys firm out of the testicle into the vase is a foot long extremely thin fragile microscopic duck called the epidermis it’s feet that’s been accordions squished into a space of about an inch or an inch and a half and it’s like one long extremely flimsy microscopic wet noodle and all crunched together in this sausage like compartment called.

The epidermis and then vasectomy reversal that leads into the vase defer ens now if it were simply a matter of putting the vast together it would require some micro surgical technique but the procedure could be done relatively simply and a moderate chance of success as long as the vase was reconnected properly the problem is that in over percent of cases the blockage of the vs causes pressure built up all the way back to this epidermis and right.

so this proceed there is good motile sperm this procedure for over ninety-five percent chance will result in a normal sperm count furthermore we were able to freeze the sperm which we retrieved so if he’s one of the five percent or in difficult cases one of the ten percent that that fail we still always have frozen sperm that could be used in the future or forgetting.

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